Free surface and system based design is currently state of the art in the concrete industry. The task here is usually to achieve the look of a natural stone surface as much as possible. Based on the feedback from our customers we can rightly claim to be benchmarking experts in this segment. Our specialty in this context remains the forged stamping shoe. This system allows very smooth transitions and provides an economical solution at highest quality especially for constantly recurring surfaces. For unique applications we recommend moulds with milled shoes as a reasonable and economical alternative.

A ) Shoe design forged

  • Free surface design
  • Heatable suface design feasible
  • One-time tool costs
  • Natural stone optics by smooth transitions
  • Short manufacturing times for exchange parts

B ) Shoe design milled

  • Free design milled
  • Heatable surface design feasible
  • Cost-effective for one-time produced moulds
  • Short production time

Wear protection for all versions as follows:

  • Case hardened (62-68 HRC)
  • Stamp shoe hardened (62-68 HRC)
  • Hardness penetration depth min. 1,2 mm


To imitate nature as much as possible, we typically use natural stones as templates, the contours of which we gauge with modern measuring systems.