Hollow blocks are used for all kind of applications above ground, not only for buildings but also for fences, chimneys and retaining walls.

Hollow blocks:

It is the typical block for above earth constructions.
The number of applications and geometries are without limits.
From a simple hollow block with two chambers until complicated blocks with isolation inserts.

Formwork stones:

Formwork stones also belong to the hollow stones, which are used preferably for basement construction.
They always have continuous openings with corresponding slots in order to make possible the armoring and inserting of the concrete.

Ceiling stones:

Ceiling stones are used for laying of intermediate ceilings.
Like the formwork stones, these stones come with corresponding cavities for armoring and filling in the concrete.

Solid blocks:

Solid blocks are massive blocks of bigger size, which are usually used in above earth constructions for e.g. walls and fences.

Split stones:

Split stones are often choosen in order to get the most natural looking surface.
The stones come with special channels that help to be broken with special devices.

Chimney stones:

The chimney stone is being used to surround the deduction of the smoke.
Optimization of the stone with cavaties can be done by the customers as they wish.

Wall retaining blocks:

Whether it is the anchorage of slopes which serve to prevent the slipping of soil, or the design and beautification of public areas in cities and towns or only a herb spiral in a garden.
The applications are multifaceted, better and very simple to handle.

Fence stones:

A very popular variation of the hollow block for fences and similar applications in rural as well as city areas.