About us

ZENITH stands for a well-educated team of highly motivated specialists in the field of mould engineering for concrete products. With more than 45 years of worldwide experience, Zenith is proud to be able to provide optimal solutions for satisfied clients. Our headquarters in Feistritz an der Drau is situated in Carinthia, the sunny south of Austria, in the heart of Europe, not far from the famous city Villach with an excellent connection to the international highway and railway network.

Since October 2021 we are a subsidiary company of the German Kuhn GmbH & CoKG.

„ZENITH Formen, for better concrete products“

We consider it our primary aim to find the most useful and economical solutions for our customers, always closely cooperating with them, in order to ensure the competitive advantage they need. Decades of experience in concrete mould development has led us to the conclusion that it is the combination of high skilled handcraft and modern CNC machine technology which guarantees high quality, great flexibility and high durability. It is this specific know-how which secures the best solution for the customer’s requirements, whether those come in welded or screwed implementations, with or without changeable modular systems. It clearly goes without saying that our systems are being steadily adapted to the growing strength and capacity of modern concrete production facilities, which place increasingly higher demands on the moulds being designed and installed in them. In this context it becomes clear that it is not the cheapest mould which guarantees the advantage needed by our customers, but the one with the highest liability, paired with top quality at a sharply calculated price. Our production line covers a broad range of concrete mould applications, which are moulds for floor-layers, multi-layer and stationary machines. We have also acquired know-how and experience over decades in very specific fields, such as palisade stone, eco stone and casting mould production technologies and are therefore clearly in a position to be able to convince you with top-quality and top-solutions. In the segment of wood concrete production our customers not only benefit from our expert knowledge, but also have a competitive advantage in the market by profiting from our already approved solutions. Special moulds for small production series, as example in the field of sight concrete are part of our production range as well and are manufactured by us in the usual ZENITH quality.

Starting from standard rectangle stone moulds over to special stone moulds as well as basic equipment packages, ZENITH can make it.