Paver stones are getting more and more popular again. A countless number of stone forms with different surfaces permit a nearly unlimited number of designs.

Rectangles, Squares:

Rectangle and square stones belong to the classic among the paver stones.
The stone owns a simple and appealing geometry.
The spacers can be in various forms and shapes. If needed, it can also be in hidden form.
It can be produced with or without chamfer.
This stone allows different ways of surface designs.


Behaton stones find their application like the rectangles in private and public places.
The stone features a proven geometry with appealing optics.


The Parolin belongs to the so called wavy stones.
This stone approves by his curved design and gives a change to rectangles.
His application corresponds to the Behaton.


The Uni is a popular alternative to the Behaton and Parolin.
The design corresponds to the Parolin, just in a jagged shape.


The Hexagon was the Standard when it came to low cost paver for a long time.
In the younger past, these stone were popular in waved geometry and in different colours.

Socket stone:

Stones with unregular contours are often combined with a base.
The base enables easy and correct laying.
A application example is the so called rustic stone.

Special paver stones:

Examples are Beganit, Beka, Lily stones, Florendo, Lisboa, Frankenbarock, Heilbronn stone, manhole cover stones etc.